This Is Not A “Poster, Only Better”
The title of my thesis work echoes the ambiance and ambiguity of contemporary media landscape. The title was inspired by movie Strange Days by Kathryn Bigelow. Movie was quoted several times in the book Remediation: Understanding New Media by Jay David Bolter and Richard Grusin. The concept of remediation offered me a great insertion point into new media art production; creating a new medium that refashions an old medium. This idea resonates well within my work, since my work is comprised of the remediated medium of paper electronics. My work resembles the paper poster; however, it desires to offer new insights into what poster art can be in the 21st century. I produced small scale installation using paper on which I applied coil and amplifier and connected it to power supply and to audio input. The main challenge was to establish a connection between the aesthetic attributes, the paper’s characteristics, the expressive circuits, the technical properties of the paper speaker, and the viewer’s interaction.

I also conducted an interview with creative duo Sonnenzimmer for the research part for my thesis work, as I was investigating the shift that occurred regarding poster's position in media landscape.

layout / paper electronics / new media / installation / Helsinki, 2017

photos: Judit Flora Schuller & me